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Formation au montage de structures modulaires tubulaires lean.

Many training courses to assist you in the fundamental principal of build up a structure and how included a production flow.

The principal guidelines of structures building up.

Introduce the components and their functions to your operators.

Train your team with structures cutting and security rules.

After training courses, your team will design and build up an application.

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Formation aux principes de conception structures modulaires en tube.
day /
Maximum 10 persons by training course
Training program (.pdf)
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Produits fabriqués en France
Formation expert en conception et montage de structures modulaires en tube.
formation avancée aux principes de conception de meubles tubulaires.

The dynamics functions conception’s rules

The conception rules of static functions.

Operate the capacity of each component to improve your structure conception
Discover all complex functions and learn how to operate the dynamics possibilities at 100%.

Detailed use of all components

Design your structures for the purpose of future evolution

Handle the different container types

How to upgrade ergonomics

Using color

Operate Visual Management

Include lighting systems

Pipe bending: Calculations and design

Best practice

Design switching racks / gravity return.

Design shooters

Optional transfer from a structure to another one

Design a cart and all possible configurations

Drawer design

Vertical conveying

90° turn

Multidirectional conveying

Manage the lightingsigns

day /
Maximum 8 persons by training course
days /
Maximum 5 persons by training course.
day re-training after 4 months.
day re-training after 4 months.
Meubles approvisionnement de chaine de production.
MKL |Structures modulaires pour chaines assemblages industrielles Lean.
MKL | ISO 9001