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La disponibilité commerciale et technique pour vos structures tubulaires modulaires.

A range of full service to guarantee a custom service available immediately. Design, technical support, autonomy need, our technical director will assist you.

Ensure the well doing of your applications.

La garantie fonctionnelles de vos équipements tubulaires modulaires industriels.

Maintenance of your tubular structures park.

Steady check of the totality of your applications

Security check of your operators

Support to your structural optimization

Please, contact your commercial.
+33 (0)1 30 37 34 32

MKL commit to the durability of your applications. In our Sull Safe approach, we propose to realize the maintenance of your full tubular structures park.

On one-time basis or as an annual contract, we commit ourselves to check the integrity of each application, and make modifications if necessary to ensure the security rules and then offer serenity to your team member.

Our Environnemental promise

We manufacture all our products in France, our plant is located in the north of Paris.

MKL favors short supply circuits to limit the carbon footprint at maximum during transportation and allows us to offer to our customers the shortest possible delivery times.

MKL | Produits fabriqués en France
security | durability | ergonomic

Our goal is to provide you solutions rigid, robustness, and reliable, and ergonomics, ensure a significant amelioration of works conditions and reduce the musculoskeletal disorder and mental load. Ergonomic is receptive to the contributor, who is in the center of the Lean’s structural design.

La garantie sécurité de vos structure de travail tubulaires.

Integrated user Security features

Assembly adapted to load constraints

User comfort and ergonomics

Visual warning devices

Guarantee of equipment’s durability


Improve your reactivity

Realize your tubular structures on your Kaizen workshop

Mkl propose you a completed and proven solution to create an assembly zone

Flow rack approvisionnement en tube.

Saw bench and saw
Ergonomics Flow rack for the storage of your components
Solution to store your tracks and pipes.
Falls management

Ergonomics assembly’s workstation
Operator’s trolley


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+33 (0)1 30 37 34 32
Simple assembly
accessible modification
reactives iterations
360° of liberty
Bureau étude conception meubles tubes Lean.

Your Lean tubular ‘s structures custom-made

Our Design office design turnkey solutions of Lean Manufacturing that you can directly integrate in your production unit.

Your need qualification and our Lean methods mastery permit to design structures which combine robustness and adaptability of the workstations.

Conception 3D de structures de travail tubulaires modulaires.