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Experts en conception de structures modulaires  en tube.

Solutions to assist you in your project development through workshop of Lean organisation methods participation.

Come every week to learn more about Lean during our “JeudiLean”.

MKL | Ateliers hebdomadaires de conception de meubles industriels en tubes.

How to apply the Lean concept, incorporate it in your workstations, or in your production lines.

How to improve your visual management thanks to pipe’s material.

Realize a small train, understand the Lean’s tools, understand the philosophy as the management links that you should improve to have an optimal use of the Lean construction.

Ateliers de conception de meubles modulaires industriels en tubes.
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Our Environnemental promise

We manufacture all our products in France, our plant is located in the north of Paris.

MKL favors short supply circuits to limit the carbon footprint at maximum during transportation and allows us to offer to our customers the shortest possible delivery times.

Produits fabriqués en France
Atelier Mizumachi de conception de chaine approvisionnement Lean.
Ateliers Kaizen, lean manufacturing.

MKL and Their Specialists in industrial’s organization will assist you to design your solution, create your path scenario, design your carts and different courses. They Will support you during the realization.

Our Specialist in industrial’s organization, using the Operational Excellence guidelines (Toyota Way or Lean Manufacturing) will assist youduring the full conception of your production lines or workstations, replying to the most demanding requirement of efficiency.

Your lines will be customizable (possibility to adjust to different volume, production speed without any productivity’s loose) 

Speed up your logistics workflow, organize your shopfloor with a logistic cart as a distribution system.

Petits trains Kaizen.
Station de travail tubulaire industrielle Lean
Flow racks approvisionnement en tubes.
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Supermarket & Buffer Workshop

Our specialists assist you during your logistic management.

Produce an unbundling point, centralized the component storage, need to install the stock at supplier site or create a workshop, need based on the volume and the references configuration and, adapt the engineering to enhance the stockage quantity in an area which is often restraint.
Conception supermarché Lean.

Our Specialists can help you to define all the different calculations.

Stock quantities for each reference?

Corridor quantity? High? Length?

Visual management, picking assistance…

Restock frequency?