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A simple concept.

From components as pipes, joints, roller tracks, common tools, Allen wrench, hacksaw, we will give you the possibility to realize all equipment for your production line.

Structures industrielles modulaires légères.
Flow rack,
Display board
MKL is directly inspired by the functions used in the Toyota Production System, proven from decades, offer the conception of ultra-light modules, ensuring an incomparable usability.

Thanks to a circle section of our pipes, and our joints ensuring the pipe’s connection in any configuration, we decrease the junction number as the same time we ensure reliability, flexibility, and lightness. Our Design office design all needed function with a minimum of component to ensure reliability.

Montage simple de structures tubulaires industrielles.
Structures modulaires industrielles flexibles.
Structures modulaires tubulaires robustes.

Combine energy saving and efficiency.

Our Environnemental promise
We manufacture all our products in France, our plant is located in the north of Paris.
MKL favors short supply circuits to limit the carbon footprint at maximum during transportation and allows us to offer to our customers the shortest possible delivery times.

Produits fabriqués en France

Tubular solutions

Thanks to their flexibility and very easy building up, all your realizations will take shape very fast and could be improve directly on your work floor with user’s recommendations.

Joints d\
Joints de connection pour meubles industriels Lean.
Structures tubulaires modulaires Lean.
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360° of liberty
Simple assembly
accessible modification
reactives iterations
MKL | Conception et fabrication de structures tubulaires lean.
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A quality experience
Our experience gives us the opportunity to offer you solutions adapted to your activities. Our tubular structures solutions will increase your competitivity and develop your own team’s creativity. It’s the guarantee of an easy adjustment of your needs and the creation ofyour ideal production environment.

We assist for more than 20 years, the major players of automotive & aerospace industries. We have equipped several manufacturing plants in many community industries and logistics services.

Structures industrielles tubulaires sécurisées Full Safe
security | durability | ergonomic
Our goal is to offer you rigid, robustness and reliable solutions, and also ergonomics to provide you a substantial improvement of the work conditions and reduced the musculoskeletal disorders and mental load.
MKL | ISO 9001
ISO 9001 Quality :
Certification on all our subsidiaries for many years.
Conception and blending on site
Mise à disposition de meubles industriels tubulaire sous 5 jours
MKL | La disponibilité commerciale et technique pour vos structures tubulaires modulaires.
Our structures specialist study, design, create and install your furniture in-house directly in accordance with your collaborators.
Component’s delivery
Our customers & production services in France are committed to delivery your command in 5 working days. Your command requested by a simple phone call on Monday will be delivered on the next Monday.
Complete blending
Your furnitures are completely assemble by our team in our workshop, then delivery on your site.
MKL | Joints de connection pour meubles industriels Lean.
MKL | Joints d\